Massachusetts Constable

Constable Service

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Massachusetts Constable Service

We serve Evictions and All Legal Process statewide everyday.

Examples of Process we serve

Subpoenas • Summary Process Summons
Eviction Move Outs • Executions for Possession
Notices to Quit No Trespass Orders
• Summons and Complaints • Small Claims Complaints
• All Probate Court Documents • Citations
• Divorce • Capias
• Child Support • Motions
• Modification Past Due Rent Notices
• Contempt Witness Summons
• Paternity • Unemployment Subpoenas

Delivery Confirmation included with every service. We specialize in locating missing witnesses and defendants. Most papers are served on the next business day and the proof of service is returned to you immediately.

Call For Immediate Service

  • Toll Free:800-951-9586

Humphries & Associates
Constable Service

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Toll Free:800-951-9586

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